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monday's playlist: 10/04/10
marnie stern for ash
legendary pink dots leap of faith
herra terra white cells rush
the june gloom everything is grey
brilliantes del vuelo the true wheel comes full circle
natacha atlas batkillim
tricky come to me
mark ronson lose it (in the end)
dark dark dark something for myself
atomic square in the beginning
ryuichi sakamoto thousand knives
powerglove the flintstones
the hundred in the hands commotion
gospel claws need for speed
bad religion cyanide
fur cups for teeth dadadaddy
the corin tucker band doubt
young the giant god made man
women drag open
le concorde who's ever gonna feel sorry for us
no age valley hump crash
klaxons cypher speed
grinderman bellringer blues
no bunny i was on (the bozo show)
vaselines poison pen
dollyrots a little messed up
blonde redhead black guitar
frankie rose & the outs candy
sir ivan for what it's worth
gold motel summer house
y la bamba winterskin
salteens weird times
envy a hint and the incapacity
jupe jupe something about love
young man hands

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big pile of bones

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