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monday's playlist: 10/27/08
george clinton mathematics of love
stephen marley iron bars
justin adams & juldeh canara neafigi
gengi fire in cairo
sleeping patterns cascade
mascott like letting go of the sun
love is all 19 floors
fatal film beaches
mc5 over and over
parts and labor satellites
new young pony club jerk me
terakraft islegh teghram
ofo & black company allah wekbarr
sonny stitt walkin'
birdsongs of the mesozoic triassis, jurassic, cretaceous
tom waits fish in the jailhouse
church of the red museum shotgun blast
final fantasy oh spectrum
crystal antlers until the sun dies part 2
astronautalis two years before the mast
jenny lewis pretty bird
lucinda williams if wishes were horses
little teeth terrible news
city on the make good old fashioned fire
fucked up no epiphany
mavis staples on my way
lambchop i'm thinking of a number (between 1 and 2)
wire all fours
el guincho prez lagarto
unicorn basement witchcraft
mogwai the precipice
deerhoof the tears and music of love

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big pile of bones

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