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monday's playlist: 10/20/08
the four tops standing in the shadows of love
the four tops i can't help myself
the four tops it'sthe same old song
billy bragg levi stubb's tears
vince taylor big black cadillac
eugene chadbourne w. va. spec
rainbow arabia omar k.
happy flowers left behind
ratatat shempi
bella morte eternal
buraka som sistema yah
of montreal wicked wisdom
holly golightly & the brokeoffs up off the floor
pretty & nice nuts and bolts
baby guts meat & gesture
these arms are snakes woolen heirs
japanese motors single fins & safety pins
mercury rev snowflake in a hot world
sam champion you can't stop
gang gang dance desert storm
wire one of us
roots manuva well alright
michael franti & spearhead rude boys back in town
james kochalka superstar wash your ass
oasis the turning

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big pile of bones

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