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monday's playlist: 10/13/08
wax fang black and endless night revisted
el guincho buenos matrimonios ahi fuere
mavis staples why am i treated so bad
baby guts cricket lung
mogwai the sun smells too loud
xx teens for brian haw
roots manuva the show must go on
busta rhymes packin' them things
jean caribbean girl
bathgate pockets full of money
monkey heavenly peach banquet
mercury rev a squirrel and i (holding on...and then letting go)
unicorn basement water's dried up
shortcuts danny
city on the make 900 nails
lucinda williams jailhouse tears
koufax in the name of love
jenny lewis sing a song for them
karl blau mockingbird diet
crystal antlers parting song for the torn sky
daniel martin moore who knows where the time goes
juana molina el vestido
little teeth good girls & boys
fucked up son the father
michna skunk walk
juaneca y su combo vacilando con ayahuasa
ettes you can't do that to me
pink spiders don't wait for me
all girl summer fun band the only ones
motorhead motorizer
portugal.the man all mine
pack a.d. making gestures
ill ease & the racket hate the game
joseph arthur & the lonely astronauts say goodbye
kimya dawson louie

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big pile of bones

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