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big pile of bones
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monday's playlist: 10/6/08
young widows swamped & agitated
get help redjacket orchards
report suspicious activity sinking now
private dance she's a company man
flight of the conchords foux de fa fa
holy modal rounders radar blues
lucinda williams little rock star
jenny lewis jack killed mom
dear & the headlights willeta
calexico inspiracion
rosebuds concordia military club
lake blue ocean blue
holly golightly & the brokeoffs boats up the river
human value i don't care
all the saints farmacia
wire are you ready
benny wallace skippy
gene ammons walkin'
john coltrane russian lullaby
etta jones all the way
lambchop a hold of you
pretty & nice pixies
david bowie red money
deerhoof eaguru guru
brightblack morning light hologram buffalo
brighton ma eskimos
these arms are snakes ethric double
kingman & jonah sign time
don caballero awe man that's jive skip
monkey disappearing volcano
japanese motors regrets a paradise
dead confederates heavy petting
chemical brothers leave home
pas chic chic tes clichés déclenchés

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big pile of bones

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