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monday's playlist: 10/10/05

chuck d/krs-1 bin laden
butthole surfers the one i love
the flaming lips turn it on
mad professor gringo dread
john coltrane/thelonius monk monks mood
mbuti pygmies of the ituri rain forest elephant hunting song
divine horsemen snake handler
the knickerbockers one track mind
modest mouse other peoples lives
magic sam moles blues
big mama thornton hound dog
robert fripp/daryl hall chicago
gang of 4 what we all want
flying lizards suzanne
devo praying hands
dengue fever sui bong
my life with the thrill kill kult dope doll jungle
big boi/killer mike kryptonite
fugazi suggestion
the bags gargoyle
six finger satellite send in the clones
nashville pussy one way down
rogue wave loves lost guarantee
the clash spanish bombs
(international) noise conspiracy the way i feel about you
lyres buried alive
ninja high school by purpose not by plan
gun club preaching the blues
low immune
deerhoof rrrrrright
paul weller the start of forever
billy holiday these foolish things
bryan ferry that's how strong my love is
xylahones from ouhan-perde pea bwe
neil young no wonder
the fall what about us
electrocutie tales of ordinary sadness
ludus breaking the rules

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big pile of bones

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