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monday's playlist: 10/27/03

joe strummer & the mescaleros get down moses
the shins kiss the lipless
p.j. harvey rub 'til it bleeds
book of love counting the rosaries
heuvos rancheros wild turkey surprise
portishead glory box
beth gibbons and rustin man mysteries
los lobos colossal head
durutti column pol in b
butthole surfers barking dogs
modest mouse long distance drunk
lungfish fearfully and wonderful
hella electric guitar
eleventh dream day go
erase errata matter no medley
kittens for christian grubby hands
the mummies stronger than dirt
pixies wave of mutilation
gossip dangerr
eek-a-mouse dyer maker
neurosis & jarboe seizure
itones featuring ram walk on by
the clash drug stabbing time
sushirobo heart, lungs, etc.
the rapture killing
the stranglers north wind blowing
stereo total hey protest
the band of blacky ranchette left again
the curtains watch for: the eliminator
charlie parker bird feathers
the beatings organ donor regrets
cracker buenos noches from a lonely room
captain beefheart the past sure is tense
do make say think horns of a rabbit
brian jonestown massacre the pregnancy test
birdsongs of the mesozoic tectonic melange
pere ubu final solution
sugar the act we act
the bloody hollies emergency shutdown
they might be giants impossible
bikini kill hamster baby

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big pile of bones

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