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monday's playlist: 10/20/03

joy division she's lost control
roxy music bogus man
le tigre what's your take on cassavettes
serge gainsbourg ford mustang
the residents his latest flame
half japanese sex at your parents house
reagan national crash diet 16
eleventh dream day watching the candles burn
neats water
funkadelic one nation under a groove
boss hog itchy and scratchy
slackers decon dub
detroit cobras last night
mitch ryder and the detroit wheels little latin lupe lu
the mummies (you must fight to live) on the planet of the apes
pretty girls make graves something bigger, something better
pink grease the beast
man or astro man planet collision
honary benchenet foug-e-ramlan (on the sand)
robert wyatt i'm a believer
trachtenburg family fondue friends in switzerland
charlie singleton & his band please don't leave me here to cry
they might be giants rat patrol
sushirobo last call
t rex main man
iggy pop jose the arab
the high llamas the click & the fizz
beth gibbons and rustin man spider monkey
erase errata let's be active c/o club hott
the handsome family dry bones
johnny cash don't take your guns to town
melvin daniels & king curtis orch. i'll be there
matmos pelt and holler
hal singer beet stew
public enemy she watches channel zero
lungfish child of chaos
kmfdm moron
morcheeba the sea
killing joke war dance
shins so say i
bouncing souls the day i turned my back on you

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big pile of bones

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