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monday's playlist: 10/13/03

the satans makin' deals
the mummies (i should better be lookin' for) dangerman
the castaways liar liar
the lyrics so what
joe turner shake rattle & roll
robert mitchum not me
vince taylor & the playboys brand new cadillac
captain groovy & his bubblegum army bubblegum march
john greer come back maybelline
gossip don't make waves
the litter i'm a man
the flaming lips turn it on
phil & the frantics i must run
astro sounds from the year 2000 flameout
electric prunes i had too much to dream last night
jefferson handkerchief i'm allergic to flowers
beat happening red head walking
sonic youth teenage riot
the driving stupid the reality of (air) fried borsk
electronic tighten up
meat puppets i am a machine
neurosis & jarboe his last words
glass candle light the glass candle
the human beinz nobody
pink grease shake
the soap greens like a rolling stone
pepper & the shakes semi-psychedelic (it is)
the music machine talk talk
erase errata a thief detests criminal, elements of the ruling class
the chateaux reference man part 1
the nazz open your eyes
brian jonestown massacre prozac vs. heroin
outcasts i'm in pittsburgh (and it's raining)
the bloody hollies blood pressure
martin rev search for stone
the weakerthans uncorrected proofs
the pancakes rock guitar
big black kerosene
herman dune not that big a story
chet atkins little old lady
the handsome family the song of a hundred toads
the wig crackin' up
paul weller one x one
au pairs don't lie back
q and not u book of flags
the bags pioneer
fela kuti unnecessary begging
matmos the stars & stripes forever

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big pile of bones

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