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monday's playlist: 09/27/10
neil young walk with me
dead leaf echo trial
moondoggies what took so long
soulive revolution
the corin tucker band big goodbye
waxeater yeah, well
grinderman when my baby comes
bill baird softly
clinic baby
mavis staples too close/on my way to heaven
toubab krewe ntb
drunken barn dance no love
girl haggard pick up lines
darker my love new america
muy cansando not about a girl
the jesse minute not this life
rakehells ready fire aim
swans jim
the hush now the other ones
no age life prowler
mice parade fortune of folly
amusement parks on fire water from the sun
les savy fav high and unhinged
m.i.a. stepping up
half-handed cloud sonar sends bells back & forth
klaxons flashover
glasser t
munly & lupercalians grandfater
deerhunter he could have laughed
tom zé roqenrol bim-bom
isobel campbell & mark lanegan come undone
no surrender godda get it
all night drug prowling wolves where we've been
agent ribbons i'll let you be my baby
the rebel set 14th floor
ami sayaiya vegas moon
the corin tucker band miles away

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big pile of bones

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