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big pile of bones
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monday's playlist: 09/13/10
of montreal our riotous defects
hush now for what it's worth
mice parade in between times
dirty projector flourescent half dome
el guincho danza invito
swans no words
vinyl ghosts
coma coma outer space
devils brigade bridge of gold
fences my girl the horses
el-p drunk with a loaded pistol
math the band shark attack
fitz & the tantrums money
darker my love 18th street shuffle
dash rip rock party 101
modern superstitions beck & call
black angels yellow elevator
claps red dress
weird weeds i ain't got no family
unknown je pleure
mavis staples last train
crocodiles mirrors
interpol lights
ami saraiya interlude
girl haggard thinkin' about drinkin'
woody guthrie buffalo skinners
vaselines exit the vaselines
sunset dusty diamonds
stls katy
grinderman mickey mouse & the goodbye man
new lou reeds the main frame (is coming down)
blonde redhead spain
eels this is where it gets good
me talkpretty wake up
field days old soldier
brent armaker & the rodeo man in charge

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big pile of bones

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