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monday's playlist: 09/06/10
vaselines the devil's inside me
gold motel stealing the moonlight
casper & the cookies who needs what
melodeego if you're here be here
azure ray don't leave my mind
crotchthrottle leekabob
dollyrots rollercoaster
successful failures fletcher
abe vigoda to tears
prince rama thunderdrums/storm worship
frankie rose & the outs save me
dungen vara snabb
girl haggard drunk, broke and in love (the hank shuffle)
static ranch there 4 u
major organ & the adding machine life form (transmission received)
drunken barn dance no love
jenny & johnny while men are dreaming
r.e.m. old man kensey
elf power spider eggs
anarobik souvenir
blow up hollywood john c. lilly
mohammed alidu & the bizung family salabe
miles davis spanish key (alternate take)
the jesse minute pancake
bad cop time after time
jaill snake shakes
dash rip rock call of the wild
hayley taylor waking
les savy fav sleepless in silver lake
intelligence males
black pacific living with ghosts
thermals only for you
muddy waters mannish boy
four tet love cry
sufjan stevens the owl & the tanager

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big pile of bones

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