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monday's playlist: 9/22/08
derek & the wrecks chuck solids
koufax california taught us well
the cool & deadly rudeboy's revenge
james chance the devil made me do it
nick cave & the bad seeds easy money
boyskout blind eye
jolie holland fox in its hole
modest mouse cowboy dan
smile smile doorways/why bother
automaton safe bet
woodbox gang devil's got dibs on me
kristin hersh srb
pack a.d. don't have to
portastatic spying on the spys
roots manuva again and again
the rumblestrips hands
the age of rockets we won't stop
dead heart bloom love like lies
pink spiders falling with every step
mogwai devil rides
negativland omnipotent struggle
monkey monkey bee
zombie surf camp midnight sun
cambodian rocks #17
ifihadahifi song for the dead millionaire
karl blau before telling dragons
neco novellas tikona
antibalas afrobeat orchestra big man
clifton chenier ay ai ai
calexico slowness
the ugly suit brad's house
the mojomatics she loves
death vessel jitterakadie
motorhead teach you how to sing the bluess

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big pile of bones

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