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monday's playlist: 9/15/08
dead confederate the news underneath
dungen sonm tidigt 2
apoptygma berzerk kathy's song
look mexico you're not afraid of the dark are you?
subways strawberry blonde
chad van gaalen frozen energon
don caballero punkgasm
michael franti & spearhead high low
business lady hell is ahead
blitzen trapper furr
holy modal rounders sky diver
los fabulocos you keep drinking
little teeth liver and heart disease
ettes where your loyalties lie
portugal. the man and i
mighty fairly over achiever
i set my friends on fire but the nuns are watching
ncm breathe like me
novillero the printed word (sucks for inflection)
the break & repair method now we become part of it
lucinda williams real love
gibby haynes stop foolin'
giant sand spiral
ruby isle all the angles
joy division passover
i am ghost don't wake up
skinny puppy candle
kellarissa when did i become...
kimya dawson bobby-o
fela kuti ololute mi
milford graves percussion ensemble nothing 19
lowell davidson trio dunce
sam champion we will awaken
i'm from barcelona paper planes
don chambers & goat i can waltz
pas/cal summer is almost here

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big pile of bones

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