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monday's playlist: 09/26/05

sonic youth blowjob
deerhoof sirius tar
drums & tuba magnum opie
accordion solo gauntlet of thor the destroyer
richard hell chinese rocks
dungen gluta fol ja eifter
damian marley hey girl
ooioo grow sound free
bob dylan highway 61 revisited
big star best chance we've ever had
veronic lipgloss & the evil eyes bleed to the beat
jello biafra & the melvins those dumb punk kids will buy anything
automaton malkovich movie
fleshtones am what i am
wolf parade i'll believe in anything
lou rawls you've made me so very happy
morcheeba everybody loves a loser
big mama thornton down home shake down
the knitters burning house of love
giant drag smashing
friends of dean martinez landfill
black dice heavy manners
bettye lavette i do not want what i haven't got
horror pops who's leading you now
bow wow wow c30 c60 c90
nashville pussy meaner than my mama
quintron & miss pussycat shoplifter
echo & the bunnymen stormy weather
calla pulverized
the ex keep on hoppin'
brian jonestown massacre prozac vs. herion
t. raumschmiere all systems go
curumin vem menina
greg sage for your love
free design where do i go
rip rig & panic sunken love

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big pile of bones

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