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monday's playlist: 09/19/05

noam chomsky controlling the great beast
damian marley for the babies
kronos quartet piya tu ab to aaja (lover come to me now)
brian eno/david byrne regiment
veronica lipgloss & the evil eyes strip mall glass
nob dylan & the nobsolettes desolation twist
wolf parade grounds for divorce
the fall can hear the grass grow
giant drag blunt picket fence
beck farewell ride
tony allen progress
mouse on mars wipe that sound
nashville pussy hate & whiskey
datapro corporate whores
kmfdm free your hate
common the corner
dj linux shoot first
pj harvey the garden
horror pops caught in a blond
ninja high school good morning
dead kennedys a growing boy needs his lunch
echo & the bunnymen all because of you days
dorothy softness
amadou & marian la paix
social distortion like an outlaw (for you)
kind of like spitting when i'm gone
subsonics don't answer the phone
bob dylan masters of war
the knitters long chain on
morcheeba ten men
bob mould underneath days
the ex hammer car
matisyahui chop 'em down
big mama thornton little red rooster
dr. israel armageddon time
wooden wand & the vanishing voice hideous whiskey & his woman

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big pile of bones

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