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monday's playlist: 09/12/05

quintron & miss pussycat love is a blob
big mama thornton sweet little angel
damian marley confrontation
black rebel motorcycle club sympathetic noose
the cribs i'm alright me
the hives walk idiot walk
the dandy warhols love is the new feel awful
gas huffer canadian vistas
fleshtones pretty pretty pretty
rip rig & panic sunken love
peasall sisters fair and tender ladies
the double up all night
horror pops trapped
nashville pussy good night for a heart attack
modern skirts ny song
a.r.e. weapons doghouse
madness girl why don't you
dr. israel pressure
giant drag pretty little neighbor
spires that in the sunset rise this ain't for mama
the knitters rank stranger
kronos quartet nodir dare utthchhe dhnoa (smoke rises across the river)
rasputina howard hughes
james kochalka superstar keg party
holopaw holiday
ninja high school jam band death cult
aeroplane pagaent how is that
echo & the bunnymen everything kills you
dungen panda
mike ladd barney's girl
the bloody hollies watch your head
m83 night
why¿ crushed bones
kind of like spitting that's what i want to hear
datapro magic glasses
richard hell love comes in spurts
sons & daughters rama lama
shonen knife his pet
john cale dead or alive

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big pile of bones

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