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monday's playlist: 9/29/03

martin rev gutter rock
the third bardo five years ahead of my time
lawrence arms raw & searing flesh
frank zappa & the mothers of invention dwarf nebula/my guitar wants to kill your mamma
the red thread sailin' on
gossip arkansas heat
guided by voices secret star
built to spill big dipper
guignol of houses and canals
the handsome family a shadow underneath
captain beefheart pachuco cadaver
do may say think war on want
pigface closer to heaven (south of my ass)
sonic youth hey joni
darediablo celebrity shark week
john lee hooker sugar mamma
the shins gone for good
birdsongs of the mesozoic 100 years of excellence
the bees voices green and purple
kmfdm world war iii
t. raumschmiere the game is not over
belle & sebastian step into my office baby
the avengers be a cave man
major lance monkey time
butthole surfers they came in
the spinanes hawaiian baby
robert wyatt the verb
quintron mud bugs
hank williams hey good lookin'
cat power i don't blame you
northern liberties bio-vac
matmos for the trees
television elevation
quasi good times
sam sachs it's a lie, it's a fake
my bloody valentine sometimes
artist unknown welcome to my mind
david byrne/brian eno regiment
harold ray goin' back to miami
morcheeba world lookin' in

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big pile of bones

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