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monday's playlist: 9/22/03

pink floyd one of these days
swingin' utters wind spitting punk
the cramps route 66 (get your kicks on)
dusty springfield son of a preacher man
arrington de dionyso & old time relijun snowstorm in milano
gordon gano/pj harvey hitting the ground
miles davis nem un talvez
tom jones it's not unusual
the business england 5 germany 1
mc5 i want you right now
international noise conspiracy smash it up
ween morning glory
modest mouse tiny cities made of ashes
stephan malkmus (do not feed) the oyster
great redneck hope they say the people elect the government they deserve, but i don't remember knife-raping any retarded nuns
captain beefheart electricity
x soul kitchen
hella who ray
enon spanish boots
guided by voices dirty water
killing joke you'll never get to me
lithops scrypt insections
johnny cash tear stained letter
pretty girls make graves the teeth collector
iggy pop ready to run
mecca normal subway kick
the rapture killing
the stranglers hanging around
some girls almost true
peaches rock n' roll
bo diddley who do you love?
pennywise this is only a test
slumber party no sleep tonite
dead kennedys a growing boy needs his lunch
jack o'fire moanin' at midnite
peter gabriel white shadow
human sexual response land of the glass pinecones
superchunk fader rules
radiohead fake plastic trees
new order slow jam
hot snakes i hate the kids

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big pile of bones

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