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monday's playlist: 9/15/03

the jam monday
the buttless chaps 18 rabbits
peter gabriel signal & noise
arrington de dionyso & old time relijun siren
larry williams bony maronie
amos milburn my baby's boogying
billy bragg & wilco feed of man
herman dune why would that hurt? (if you never loved me)
johnny cash i walk the line
enon the power of yawning
common time travelling
kraftwerk aero dynamik
the cure a forest
michael franti & spearhead bomb the world
nick cave & the bad seeds stranger than kindness
joy division the only mistake
girlboy girl don't shout
meat puppets lost
officer may smoking a minor
iggy pop little electric chair
q and not u x-polynation
slumber party drunk
the rapture i need your love
prefuse 73 dub that don't match
peaches i u she
dakota dakota can i write something on your face
pretty girls make graves the new romance
quasi hot shit
gossip non non non
the slackers real war
the clash if music could talk
roaring lion i am going to buy a bungalow
tony harris chicken baby chicken
hella electric guitar
the husbands deep in my heart
jet by day this quiet hell
the mexican blackbirds burn it down/over the edge
spiritualized this little life of mine

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big pile of bones

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