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monday's playlist: 9/08/03

flying lizards sex machine
robert fripp breathless
brainiac this little piggy
kmfdm sex on the flag
thurston moore ono soul
black rebel motorcycle club stop
sleater-kinney a quarter to three
pretty girls make graves a certain cemetary
dirt bike annie scream
herman dune not that big a story
frank black & the catholics my favorite kiss
guided by voices useless inventions
pennywise god save the usa
l7 diet pill
arrington de dionyso & the old time relijan black cat
killing joke the house that pain built
pigface closer to heaven
skinny puppy natures revenge
morcheeba be yourself
shocking blue love buzz
concrete blonde jonestown
the glands lovetown
art ensemble of chicago tutankhamun
sonny rollins mangos
ornette coleman endless
cab calloway you rascal you
dave douglas going going
the bran flakes gonnorrhea
mahavishnu orchestra cosmic strut
enon starcastic/birdnest
daryl hall/robert fripp you burn me up i'm a cigarette
superchunk dance lessons
boss hog chocolate
prefuse 73 robot snares got no cadence or balance
senor coconut smoke on the water
quasi master and dog
the white stripes fell in love with a girl
buzzcocks do it
hella better grab a broom!

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big pile of bones

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