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monday's playlist: 9/01/03

new order rock the shack
butthole surfers sweet leaf
beat happening bury the hammer
arrington de dionyso & the old time relijan manticore/lion tamer
the bran flakes why can't my dolly have a birthday party?
black rebel motorcycle club in like the rose
nina hagen iki maska
the cramps garbageman
killing joke total invasion
the husbands will you still love me tomorrow
camper van beethoven wasted
love singing cowboy
nancy sinatra day tripper
radio 4 start a fire
eugene chadbourne 3rd stone from the sun
pigface blow you away
renaldo & the loaf there's a cap on the lawn
talking heads happy day/who is it?
mecca normal the dogs
x white girl
modest mouse trailer trash
flamin' groovies teenage head
pretty girls make graves something bigger, something brighter
gang of 4 cadillac
consonant are you done?
minutemen this ain't no picnic
superchunk never too young to smoke
flipper love canal
michael franti & spearhead yes i will
black box recorder girls guide for the modern diva
earl gilliam, with lucian davis and his orchestra wrong doing woman
thompson twins in the name of love
brave combo tick tock polka
herman dune monkey song
shockabilly i keep the kkk in line
ween among his tribe
yeastie girls fcc
timothy leary turn on, tune in, dropout

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big pile of bones

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