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monday's playlist: 08/23/10
commonwealth jones do do do
mogwai batcat
society of rockets dix
cars & trains further from home
sonics dirty robber
dub trio jog on
tom verlaine orbit
rob zombie mother mother
yeah yeah yeahs cheated hearts
nada surf enjoy the silence (depeche mode)
cliffs & bangers squid hunter
free electric state hawks
shortcut chain
lawrence arms requiem revisited
the love language summer dust
the pogues lullaby of london
issa bayayogo namadjidja
mallem abdenbi el gadari chorfa
joy division decades
bran flakes mr. & mrs. footsie
brian jonestown massacre feel so good
mr. scruff blackpool roll
slut white widow
morning after girls chasing us under
gibby haynes charlie
matt king hells kitchen
talking heads (nothing but) flowers
six star general metal heart
creature with the atom brain is that lady sniff
elastica human
elf power rolling black water
horror pops who's leading you now
stevie wonder jesus children of america
don cherry suite for alber ayler
lester young pennies from heaven
derrick morgan i want to go home
natty king buzz rock warrior
cleoma falcon blues negress
frank zappa love of my life
selector on my radio 91

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big pile of bones

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