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monday's playlist: 8/18/08
avengers teenage rebel
motorhead english rose
adolescents do the eddie
the walkmen donde esta la playa
bob mould again & again
system & station a light to lead you home
paul weller song for alice
enemy we'll live & die in these towns
ratatat falcon jab
darker my love pale sun
robin hitchcock the man with the lightbulb hand
one for the team deconstruction site
the crash stay
oxford collapse i hate nobody
electric touch who put the fire out
lee "scratch" perry crazy pimp
frank zappa stink foot
heptones rastaman live up
the organ basement band song
negativland kind of grumpy
willis jackson pee wee (call of the gators)
rufus reid fall
rahsaan roland kirk what's goin' on/mercy mercy me (the ecology song)
coleman hawkins i'm beginning to see the light
elvis presley bossa nova baby
los lobos good morning aztlan
totimoshi little bee
clinic shopping bag
isaac hayes chocolate chip

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big pile of bones

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