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monday's playlist: 8/4/08
totimoshi sound the horn
pierre de reeder not how i believe
margot & the nuclear so and sos broadripple is burning
martin bisi felicity ann mcguire
jessica lea mayfield we've never lied
nine inch nails discipline
immovable objects raindrops in evening traffic
coast the moon is dead
antonio hart nine weeks
dave douglas the sheik of things to come
john coltrane after the rain
oxford collapse b-roll
los fabulocos crazy baby
brothers & sisters that's how it goes
oakley hall tuscaloosa
jeff coffin & charlie peacock arc of the circle
hercules & love affair true/false fake/real
shannon mcardle that night in june
diplomats of solid sound lights out
melvins billy fish
dirty hearts alone
left lane cruisers heavy
toydizm ft. pain & rick ross dream me up
k.a.r. the hate me man
wyzdom ft. heavy bread i'm still here
alicia keys ft. ll cool j teenage love affair
busta rhymes don't touch me
mal waldron jean pierre
sun ra i loves you porgy
joshua redman courage (asymetric aria)
woodbox gang bad veins
joe strummer & the mescaleros willesden to cricklewood
issa bagwyogo n'tana

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big pile of bones

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