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monday's playlist: 08/29/05

gorillaz demon days
frank biyong & massak afro map of space
dr. israel junglist
dungen tyst minut
ofo & the black company allah wakbarr
slits i heard it through the grapevine
colourfield can't get enough of you baby
bettye lavette down to zero
tahlala the girls say
peasall sisters logtown
comsat angels the thought that counts
rogue wave crush the camera
gas huffer taco & a bottle
black rebel motorcycle club still suspicion holds you tight
the cribs the wrong way to be
richard hell rip off
nob dylan & the nobsolettes tombstone blues
danger mouse & murs to a black boy
the fleshtones push up man
horror pops hit 'n' run
james kochalka superstar ocean of girls
sons & daughters hunt
guided by voices i am a tree
beck ghost rage
björk bath
bob mould gauze of friendship
frank black another velvet nightmare
holopaw little shaver
delta5 mind your own business
madness rain
cobra verde play with fire
noisettes monte christo
quintron & miss pussycat witch in the club
brian jonestown massacre teleflows vs amplifaction
dj linux the revolution was television
chad van gaalen traffic
pretty girls make graves a certain cemetary
amadou & mariam senegal fast food
kronos quartet dum mara dum (take a toke)
rip rig & panic storm the reality asylum

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big pile of bones

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