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monday's playlist: 08/22/05

john wilkes booze cultural hurricane
new pornographers falling through your clothes
bob mould days of rain
firewater the circus
quintron & miss pussycat shoplifter
lounge lizards evans' drive to mombassa
frank zappa son of mr. green genes
fruit bats legs of bees
the cribs mirror kissers
los straightjackets dreamland
pylon look alive
tony allen ft. fela kuti progress
david bowie tvc15
the 101ers keys to your heart
curtis jones reefer hound blues
henry threadgill exacto
butthole surfers the lord is a monkey
the stooges fun house
lightnin' hopkins i'm a crawling black snake
richard hell the night is coming on
the bloody hollies right between the eyes
hp lovecraft i've been wrong before
kitty wells heartbreak usa
numbers black crow heart of gold
horrorpops walk like a zombie
rogue wave interruptions
madness you keep me hanging on
cracker gentlemen's blues
fleshtones do something for me
gas huffer taco & a bottle
sister carol blackman time
chad van gaalen kill me in my sleep
james kochalka superstar even the clouds get high
damian marley welcome to jamrock

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big pile of bones

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