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monday's playlist: 08/15/05

richard hell downtown at dawn
gas huffer easter grass
happy bullets a momentary vision of the end of the world as seen through the eyes of a suburban housewife
fleshtones push up man
lozenge grychchyng & gruntyng
nob dylan & the nobsolettes desolation twist
brian jonestown massacre god is my girlfriend
tah-dahs the cute band
post coitus build your own
sufjan stevens come on feel the illinoise
black rebel motorcycle club promise
new pornographers use it
sons & daughters gone
the howl the fell
the white stripes i'm lonely(but i ain't that lonely yet)
dungen tyst minut
cobra verde teenage kicks
beck broken drum
brian eno bone bomb
ruth brown lucky lips
amadou & mariam politic amagni
elastica stutter
gorillaz every planet we visit is dead
sour grapes gravy train derailed
orange juice (to put it in a) nutshell
the bloody hollies gasoline
hail social repetition
madness israelites
t. raumschmiere all systems go
mary wells dear lover
björk hunter vessel
shoukichi kina don-don bushi
the cribs the wrong way to be
george clinton paint the white house black
milt jackson blues oriental
robert john you don't need a gypsy
dink roberts fox chase

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big pile of bones

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