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monday's playlist: 08/01/05

madness so much trouble in the world
nick cave where do we go now
joe strummer tropic of pico
jack costanzo mambo costanzo
louis jordan daddy o
joe mcphee woman of darkness
charles mingus sophisticated lady
al green nobody but you
jet pack bombs drop
international noise conspiracy bigger cages, longer chains
interpol obstacle
gang of 4 he'd send in the army
the bags unlock the cage
neuvos rancheros rockin' the henhouse
gang green another wasted night
pj harvey angelene
flesheaters part time wife
lungfish way-out is the way out
duke ellington & his orchestra mount harissa
daniel johnston like a monkey in a zoo
gorillaz el manana
fela kuti power show
herbaliser if you close your eyes
bob mould days of rain
kallikak family organ tuning surgery
wolf parade you're a runner & i am my father's son
xiu xiu clover
sufjan stevens john wayne gacy, jr.
the soviettes thinking of you
cobra verde temptation
beck missing
whodini magic's wand
dressy bessy hello hello
dj shadow building steam with a grain of salt
bloody hollies watch your head
frank black atom in my heart

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big pile of bones

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