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monday's playlist: 8/25/03

run-dmc king of rock
ilya isola
echo & the bunnymen the puppet
bjö so broken
consonant little murders
guided by voices beat your wings
the husbands there goes my baby
the clash first night back in london
billy mckenzie it's over
black box recorder these are the things
arrington de dionyso & the old time relijan telephone call
dakota dakota i hope to god i'm not a sheep
glen gregory witchita lineman
cat on form back off man i'm a scientist
slim cessna my goodness me
tina turner ball of confusion
persuasions any way the wind blows
superchunk beat my guest
bob marley zimbabwe
senor coconut beat it
au pairs we're so cool
the vanishing lost in pictures
the cure stop dead
undertones teenage kicks
verse let it all rust
melt-banana chain-shot to have some fun
cowboys international today today
michael franti & spearhead we don't stop
don covay somebody's been enjoying my home
magic band nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man
muslimgauze kurdish red
delta 5 mind your own business
handsome family everything that rises must converge
elvis presley any day now
chainsaw kittens kick kid
the teardrop explodes colours fly away
fugazi oh
basement 5 last white christmas
ten grand respect me
bottles & skulls all my friends are evil
james brown if i ruled the world
gas huffer chicken foot
rubber rodeo walking after midnight
tricky how high

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big pile of bones

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