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monday's playlist: 8/18/03

residents blue suede shoes
malcolm mclaren world famous supreme team show
the clash somebody got murdered
untouchables double o' soul
bob mould wishing well
karlheinz starvation disease
notwist one step inside doesn't mean you understand
black box recorder andrew ridgley
free verse speed driving
the husbands we're the husbands
wire map ref. 47ºn, 93ºw
guided by voices i'll replace you with machines
mahi mahi to the left
ui mrs. lady lady
ween if you could save yourself (you'd save us all)
adam green friends of mine
pansy division when he comes home
rancid fall back down
depeche mode shake the disease
unwound stumbling block
english softhearts nothing matters 'cept ian's happy
tricky ice pick
michael franti & spearhead bomb the world
crystal method can't you trip like i do
neutral milk hotel ghost
kristin hersh listerine
white stripes one more cup of coffee
frank black nadine
charlie chesterman wants to be bob dylan singing electric guitar blooze
yeah yeah yeahs modern romance
arundhati roy speaking out
björk army of me
black rebel motorcycle club stop
nirvana big cheese
moby that's when i reach for my revolver
cat on form action happening
senor coconut smooth operator
the avalanches stay another season
booker t & the mgs lawn party
the flaming lips drug machine in heaven
mar-keys tighten up
nicotine jaimy is my punk ass brother
tito paris dança ma mi criola

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big pile of bones

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