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monday's playlist: 8/11/03

björk one day
roxy music for your pleasure
serge gainsbourg initial bb
jack o' fire soul finger
happy flowers i've got that picnic disease
love robert montgomery
the moving sidewalks i want to hold your hand
the beatles yer blues
the legends high towers
cevin key diagnosis
brian eno baby's on fire
the pines of rome halloween drugs
sonic youth side 2 side
the english beat save it for later
wipers d-7
yoko ono don't count the waves
melt banana if it is the deep sea, i can see you there
kill switch...klick dark entries
caberet voltaire ride baby ride
tricky search search survive
frank zappa little umbrellas
flaming groovies shake some action
iggy & the stooges gimme danger
mahi mahi downtown
radio birdman aloha steve and danno
naked raygun rat patrol
dead boys sonic reducer
the dicks dicks hate police
the germs lexicon devil
mission of burma that's how i escaped my certain fate
the jam going underground
feedtime fun fun fun
the stains john wayne was a nazi
nashville pussy you ain't right
zero boys civilizations dying
big jay mcneely man eater
prince shockadelica
butthole surfers i love you peggy
pansy division he whipped my ass
mando diao sheepdog
nofx lazy
the kills sugar baby
new order bizarre love triangle
dirt bike annie the tango tangle
skanatra come fly with me

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big pile of bones

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