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monday's playlist: 8/04/03

how to train your dog in 10 minutes a day
the bran flakes gonorrhea
modest mouste life like weeds
meat puppets no longer gone
senor coconut riders on the storm
diplomats of solid sound my place bbq
dead milkmen bitchin' camaro
dengue fever hold my hips
lord buckley the train
groove armada i see you baby
b52's dirty back roads
black box recorder seventeen and deadly
jane's addiction strays
barbara ann ode to my freaks
dirt bike annie wireless connection
the hives hate to say i told you so
the flaming lips frogs
black rebel motorcycle club stop
the sick lipstick zombie cookie
crystal chandlier suicidal flowers
the sleepy jackson vampire racecourse
the hogs loose lip sync ship
jackie brenston rocket 88
jimmy deberry party line blues
doctor ross left job boogie
mose vinson mistreatin' boogie
roscoe gordon shoobie oobie
james cotton cotton crop blues
killing joke savage democracy
björk jöga
the clash charlie don't surf
reverand horton heat loco gringos like to party
tricky antimatter
ween happy colored marbles
sciflyer like an ion
canoe feed the raccoon
abdoulaye diabate and super manden fakoli
sun ra saturn
neu super
mosquito why don't i

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big pile of bones

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