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monday's playlist: 07/26/10
shapes & sizes too late for dancing
tame impala jeremy's storm
colour revolt our names
maps & atlases israeli caves
endless boogie slow creep
morcheeba beat of the drum
anarobik my time
sleigh bells tell 'em
dangermouse & sparklehorse little girl
wavves baby say goodbye
over the hill ronald reagan
calibro 35 counselor at crime
here we go magic land of feelings
baths rain smell
deer tick twenty miles
dirty little rabbits hello
perfume genius gray angels
fol chen men beasts or houses
love language this blood is our own
villagers i saw the dead
infesticons hang it up anthem
foals this orient
kele i could never say
lucinda williams ballad of lucy jordan
r.e.m. green grow the rushes
chatham county line crop comes in
paul weller trees
the herbaliser mrs. chombee takes the plunge
nobody psycho alpha theta
tokyo police club frankenstein
d.o.a. tyrants turn in hell
against me! because of the shame
careful turns out
22-20s latest heartbreak

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big pile of bones

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