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monday's playlist: 07/19/10
the books we bought the flood
menomena intil
dead confederate giving it all away
jaill snakes shakes
seneca hawk dozen hearts
bronze radio return pullin' on the reins
tokyo police club end of spark
r.e.m. feelin' gravity's pull
the shimmies my herione
mahjongg groove rider free
paranoid critical revolution death list five
miss tk & the revenge hotter sweeter
health before tigers
off with their heads my episodes
around the world & back advice
whole sky monitor sold
ratatat party with children
nervous curtains hearing something that isn't there
hess is more demoncrazy
black rabbits hurry, hurry
autrechre m62
ugly casanova lay me down
blitzentrapper heaven and earth
young galaxy light years
ariel pink's haunted grafitti round and round
procedure club dead bird
ming toro magnum size
paper tongues get higher
chemical brothers another world
elsinore lines
wavves green eyes
butcher holler don't come home a-drinkin' (with lovin' on your mind)
sons of the beach tell me no
wolf parade yulia

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big pile of bones

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