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monday's playlist: 07/12/10
carissa's weird phantom fireworks
the streets on fire hello from eastern europe
bare wires seeking love
vanish valley sunshine city
human condition pocket change
we like cats fruits of the jungle heart
calibro 35 death comes at midnight
mystery jets alice springs
dangermouse & sparklehorse revenge
jenny & johnny scissor runner
icewagon flu wild irish
over the wall a million times
fading collection fire forest
seven car pileup hay
hey rosetta! i've been asleep for a long time
mates of state sleep the clock around
el guincho cuerpo sin alma
grand mal his death was our punishment
lone wolf we could use your blood
crystal castles doe deer
d.o.a. i live in a car
james mercer journey through the past
soft machine 37½
to rococo rot place it
cowboy junkies i can't sit sadly by our side
chatham county line alone in new york
bobby bare the living legend
jeremy jay i just dial my number
deer tick i will not be myself
lightning bolt dracula mountain
head like a kite she's wearing that costume
paul weller 7 " 3 is the strikers name
kele tenderoni
22-20s shake shiver moan
young veins everyone but you
devo march on
the love language pedals

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big pile of bones

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