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monday's playlist: 7/28/08
2 minute noir chez tootsie
pas/cal darker my love
17th chapter don't try/new friends
woolies who do you love
catfish knight deathwise
underdogs the man in the glass
hogs loose lips sync ships
rationals i need you
lea riders group dom kollar oss mods
dr. jack van impe an important message
fuck the facts the storm
big elf the game
volbeat the garden's tale
matata talkin' talkin'
thony shorby nyenwi no wrong show
honny & the bees band psychedelic woman
gaspar lawal kita kita
fela kuti gentlemen
2 minute noir johnny gonzalez, the short siesta
freshkill i quit smoking
the ugly suit happy yellow rainbow
the enemy this song
2 minute noir lay off the goo goo talk
telepathique eu gosto
css move
gnarls barkley open book
paul weller invisible
sarah bettens rescue me
jonathan richman our party will be on the beach tonight
iriz, luck witherspoon, black thought, rah diggaar & cornel west america (400 years)
mirah land ho
free kitten surf's up
abe vigoda live long
meat puppets nothing
shonen knife baggs
guitar wolf wild zero
2 minute noir pushing up daisies

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big pile of bones

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