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monday's playlist: 7/21/08
jonathon richman here it is
jeff coffin & charlie peacock downstairs room of you
sts9 (sound tribe sector 9) shack doctrine
donita sparks dare dare
frank zappa black napkins
cornell west, tavis smiley & michael eric tyson the n word
larry collins whistle bait
ronny self ain't i'm a dog
johnny horton honky tonk hardwood floor
sid king & the 5 strings purr kitty purr
jimmy murphy baboon boogie
rose maddox hey little dreamboat
css let's reggae all night
the clash in the pouring rain
ratatat black heroes
tilly & the wall too excited
we versus the shark gothic y'all
dirty hearts record store
paul weller all i wanna do (is be with you)
wolf parade soldiers grin
james jackson toth beulah the good
willie nelson & wynton marsalis night life
cephas & wiggins going to the river
john lennon god
omd genetic engineering
mecca normal family swan
woodbox gang train back to texas
mission of burma falling
melvins suicide in progress
blur this is a low
sugar feeling better
old time relijun veleno mortale
the beatings pretty face
les savy fav the lowest bitter
hives automatic schmuck

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big pile of bones

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