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monday's playlist: 7/14/08
mal waldron the way you look tonight
miles davis just squeeze me
clark terry donna lee
paul weller night lights
melvins it tastes better thru the truth
mirah lonesome sundown
vancougar every car
nine inch nails demon seed
marc ribot's ceramic dog pinch
mudhoney we are rising
hellbound glory i can't say i'll change
woodbox gang devil's got dibs on me
watson twins lady love me
king kahn & the shrines destroyer
kaisercartel the good ones
tilly & the wall blood flowers
sarah bettens daddy's gun
ratatat shiller
awesome color the moon
sonic youth teenage riot
black rebel motorcycle club us government
luscious jackson life of leisure
iron & wine wolves (songs of the shepherd's dog)
belle & sebastian i could be dreaming
flesheaters cry baby killer
lovage pit stop (take me home)
morcheeba sao paolo
robert pollard second stop next language
loretta lynn women's prison
donnas are you gonna move it for me
happy mondays grand bags funeral
sidesteppers ma voy tripando

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big pile of bones

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