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monday's playlist: 7/7/08
john coltrane sun star
gary bartz holiday for strings
cannonball adderley chasm
american astronaut twist and shout
no age keechie
dirty hearts action figure
abe vigoda endless sleeper
marc ribot's ceramic dog girlfriend
cute lepers prove it
the clash armageddon time
mudhoney inside out over you
free kitten sway
violent femmes crazy
exceptional edward at the steak 'n shake
meho plaza george washington
architecture in helsinki hold music
dr. dog my friend
romanteek your name
fela kuti pansa pansa
me first & the gimme gimmes don't let the sun go down on me
gnarls barkley charity case
huevos rancheros get outta dodge
calexico sirena
david byrne dirty hair
css alala
obo addy aveenor rainforest
diamanda galas you're mine
the residents hard & tenderly
stephen malkmus no more shoes
go go go airheart when the flesh hits
lene lovich new toy
cat power willie
the love me nots keep talking
echo & the bunnymen going up

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big pile of bones

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