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monday's playlist: 07/18/05

captain beefheart nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man
common soul paper
keith richards the harder they come
pelican aurrora borealis
big black heartbeat
bill haley don't knock the rock
stephen malkmus malediction
b52's dance this mess around
pajo #4 manson twins
lene lovich new toy
sonnets rock opera
yardbirds got to hurry
the ponys we shot the world
the crystals he hit me (and it felt like a kiss)
willie nelson one in a row
roy orbison yo te amo maria
sage francis sun vs. moon
bernie nolan you keep me hanging on
frank black i burn today
wire map ref. 41ºn 93ºw
bob mould gauze of friendship
heaven 17 decline of the west
gravy train i wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna get rid of you
gary glitter suspicious minds
boom bap project rock the spot
blue orchid work
the cherry valence only game in town
the herbaliser serge
public image limited another
blowfly booty bus
ian drury & the blockheads sour grapes
sour grapes apparently i'm oppressive
101ers silent telephone
combat wounded veteran eat more blood money
pere ubu not happy
wolf parade shine by light
grupo sportivo bernadette
hot snakes braintrust
joy division these days
the jim yoshii pile up jailhouse rock
boyracer the second fiddle
kinski hiding drugs in the temple (part 2)

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big pile of bones

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