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monday's playlist: 7/28/03

jane's addiction the riches
senor coconut smoke on the water
ween transdermal celebration
yellow magic orchestra yellow magic
kraftwerk tour de france
black box recorder these are the things
yello vicious games
brian eno/john cale lay my love
mondo generator detroit
iggy pop watching the news
gogogo airheart positions are not popular
sciflyer you're from the ocean
x universal corner
the dead science envelope
nicotine perfect crime
kazumoto endo hernia
essential logic popcorn boy
the sick lipstick go to bed
man or astroman anoxia
mahi mahi 2nd warning
curseovdialect wolf moon
gaye bikers on acid everything's groovy
melt-banana lost parts stinging me so cold
bush tetras rituals
psychedelic furs dumb waiters
sonic youth the end of the ugly
sonny stitt blue devil blues
duke ellington newport up
clifford brown de dah
miles davis green haze
bentmen swanee
ruth brown love contest
wire in the art of stopping
sleater-kinney get up
neutral milk hotel everything is
frank black & the catholics this old heartache
sunny day real estate tearing in my heart
blur wear me down
bob marley waiting in vain

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big pile of bones

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