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monday's playlist: 7/21/03

the bran flakes gonorrhea
hüsker dü divide and conquer
devo dogs of democracy
berkowitz, lake & dahmer gangrene
hound dog taylor give me back my wig
dengue fever ethanopium
captain beefheart big black baby shoes
pavement fillmore jive
chuck berry viva viva rock and roll
gang of 4 to hell with poverty
quiet, lovely what a good boy i am
me first & the gimme gimmes end of the road
anna oxygen spectacle
man beer for man
the vanishing white walls
tom waits 16 shells from a 30-6
the birthday party sonny's burning
kill me tomorrow skins getting weird
dinosaur jr. puke + cry
the jam eton rifles
beehive & the barricudas times are a changin'
tanya donnelly breathe around you
frank black & the catholics new house for the pope
the normal warm leatherette
the woggles night crawls
plastic bertrand ca plane por moi
ho ag montezuma
buttholes surfers helicopter
lyres don't give it up now
black box recorder seasons in the sun
slim harpo don't start cryin' now
black heart procession a cry for love
joy division twenty four hours
johnny horton honky tonk hardwood floor
nutley brass teenage lobotamy
free verse surface
king sunny adé synchro system
ghost orchids keep your secrets
neba solo vaccination
skatalites you're so deli

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big pile of bones

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