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monday's playlist: 7/14/03

born on the bayou
pulp wickerman
sonic youth i dream i dreamed
blur moroccan peoples revolutionary bowl club
love and rockets clean
the titanics high on drugs
lubricated goat you remain anonymous
richard hell betrayal takes two
public image limited swan lake
dirty three alice wading
talking heads no compassion
400 blows the ugly are so beautiful
liars we got cold, coughed and forgot things
comets on fire got a feel & in
the business suburban rebels
melt-banana sheild your eyes, a beast in the well on your hand
exploited holiday in the sun
cevin key shortwave connector
dirt bike annie the sends
last resort king of the jungle
beehive & the barracudas love is a bitch
gas huffer dig that do that
funkadelic cholly (funk is ready to roll)
lovage strangers on a train
slim whitman i remember you
love tractor tree
howlin' wolf how many more years
adam green friends of mine
afrika bambatta with the soul sonic force looking for the perfect beat
leftover salmon/cracker low
nervous norvus dig
barn burning flown
the defenders little deuce coupe
built to spill out of sita
cass mccombs bobby, king of boys town
bad religion shades of truth
el guapo fake french
gossip got body if you want it
bottles and skulls painkiller

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big pile of bones

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