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monday's playlist: 7/07/03

smiley lewis tore up
william bell do right woman, do right man
johnny ray cry
brak moo holaka
nick cave and the bad seeds as i sat sadly by her side
the flesh copticon
elastica waking up
gogogo airheart jukebox capital
hole starbelly
hella rich kids
from monument to masses sharpshooter
pop will eat itself rsvp apollo 440
push button objects hustlin'
radiohead there there
patti smith kimberly
dave gahan hidden houses
ui sunny nights
tricky dear god
dengue fever pow pow
wire silk skin pays
nofx clams have feelings too
the woggles red light, green light
wipers against the wall
flaming sideburns drive on
mannequin piss mechanics joy ride
comets on fire ghosts of the cosmos
service group c.m.e.m.
leftover salmon/cracker eurotrash girl
alkaline trio all on black
babes in toyland angel hair
super furry animals sex, war & robots
why? apes in my cage with wire cutters
mahotella queens mantshi
big maybelle one monkey don't stop no show
ape has killed ape rock and roll volcano man
james brown ain't that a groove part 1
the clash straight to hell
man more
beat happening tiger trap
shonen knife banana chips

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big pile of bones

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