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monday's playlist: 06/21/10
d.o.a. captain kirk, spock, scotty & bones
black rabbit emotion
ming toro le masquerade
wolf parade in the direction of the moon
nobody innocent in a sense
dove later is now
katzenjammer virginia clemm
danger mouse & sparklehorse dark night of the soul
sia bring night
whole sky monitor le mouche
deer tick goodbye dear friend
cinnamon band buena vista
delorean infinite desert
regina tango marella
walter schreifels she is to me
grand lake it takse a horse to light a house
hot hot heat 21 @ 12
blackmarket hey you/loner
tokyo police club favorite food
ratatat bob gandhi
tracey thorn oh, the divorces
peter crier wolf crutch & cane
doug carroll chimpanzees
braid the new nathan detroits
against me! high pressure low
kurt vile the finder
mgmt lady dada's nightmare
blitzen trapper below the hurricane
suckers king of snakes
bullet for my valentine dignity
the very best angonde
poletime? sado maso
very be careful la algeria
kapela ze wsi warszawa kujawiak z polski
indian jewelry tono bungay
yello vertical vision
ponys pop culture
glenn branca carbon monoxide

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big pile of bones

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