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monday's playlist: 06/14/10
ariel pink's haunted graffiti little wig
tender forever only the sounds you made
marina & the diamonds numb
club 8 the people speak
jet set sail annies call
icewagon flu drowning in air
yo la tengo here to fall
22-20s heart on a string
growing highlight
kele rise
lcd soundsystem i can change
solvent life size image
fela everything scatter
cocorosie grey oceans
grand mal call my name
checks hold my head
paul weller find the torch, burn the plans
crystal castles celestice
the fall bury pts. 1 + 3
sleepy sun desert god
bettye lavette love reign o'er me
unnatural helpers every record straight tonight
ty segall #11
sadies another year again
ideal bread flakes
sun ra interplanetary chaos
mono silent flight sleeping dawn
prefuse 73 90% of my mind is with you
mumiy troll polar bear
bibi tanga & the selenites dunya
zuco 103 ginga de luscofusco
heklit madero soliel soliel
karen elson garden
avi buffalo where's your dirty mind
the living sisters how are you doing
tame impala desire be, desire go

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big pile of bones

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