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monday's playlist: 6/30/08
david cross phone call from a cranky terrorist
tom waits how's it gonna end
marianne faithfull there is a ghost
the fall mikes love hexigon
von bondies r&r nurse
wolf parade language city
raveonettes hallucinations
marc ribot's ceramic dogs when we were young and we were freaks
clash clash city rockers
clap hands say yeah the skin of my yellow country teeth
radiohead there there
bauhaus adrenalin
birdsongs of the mesozoic scenes from a...
tim fite the names of all the animals
pop will eat itself x, y, and zee
buddy guy skin deep
vancougar (i hope your) money (keeps you warm)
pixies u-mass
the dirty hearts possession blues
beastie boys off the grid
radio 4 this is not a test
calico horse happy placebo syringe
sons & daughters rama lama
pretty girls make graves something bigger, something better
hercules & love affair blind
awkward stage hey modern school girl
watson twins fall
sarah bettens just another day
neil young the painter
offspring hammerhead
joan of arc a tell-tale penis
charlatans bad days
sigur rós inni mer syngur vitley singur

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big pile of bones

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