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monday's playlist: 6/23/08
tilly & the wall chandelier lane
the cute lepers prove it
mudhoney mud ride
donita sparks creampuff
bell rays one big party
i heart hiroshima teef
marc ribot's ceramic dogs party intellectuals
alla es tiempo
steve riley & the mamou playboys j'ai ete zau-bal (i went to the dance)
regurgitator armegeddon premonition
atom & his package p.p. (do do)
sleater-kinney entertain
kramer the secret of the band
richard hell blank generation
public image limited four enclosed walls
leonard cohen i'm your man
klaxons gravity's van she remix
wye oak regret
au pairs don't lie back
retribution gospel choir destroyer
interpol not even jail
revisionists mr. stupid
big audio dynamite james brown
beat happening bury the hammer
mikey dread rub a dub
james kolchalka superstar don't trust whitey
flipper one by one
fugazi the kill
kepone wrong
bob marley stiff necked fools
birthday party king ink
english beat spar wid me
black ghosts some way through this
pere ubu final solution
the kills sugar baby
gone mutilated fade
pogues thousands are sailing

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big pile of bones

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