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monday's playlist: 6/16/08
brian jonestown massacre you look great when i'm fucked up
new order guilt is a useless emotion
pigface asphole
wolf parade bring your drum
violent femmes crazy
new young pony club the get go
okmoniks not that good
throwing muses fever few
frank lowe brother joseph
ornette coleman sadness
gnarls barkley blind mary
hellbound glory drive in harm's lane
boxmasters 20 year ago
haley bonar better half
blackmarket drag addict
meho plaza i'm a green beret
elvis costello & the imposters no hiding place
donita sparks take a few steps
awesome color eyes of light
fol chen th blvrs
sarah bettens coasting speed
ting tings that's not my name
watson twins waves
mah jongg wipe out
no age errand boy
natalie portman's shaved head me + yr daughter
tapes n' tapes conquest
latino rockabilly war trash city
b52s eyes wide open
firehose losers, boozers and heroes
slim cessna's auto club all about the bullfrog in three verses
jack o' fire let's get funky
pizzicato five my baby portable player sound
half japanese jump into the mess
penetrators teenage lifestyle
tegan & sara floorplan

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big pile of bones

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